Deploying Redis HA cluster in kubernetes

Why High Availability?

Redis High Availability approach.

slaveof %masterip%
> git clone
> minikube start
eval $(minikube docker-env)
> cd redis-sentinel-ha-k8s-deployment/docker
> docker build -t redis-sentinel-ha-cluster:1.0 .
Successfully built 05c1e517000a
Successfully tagged redis-sentinel-ha-cluster:1.0
> cd ..
> ls
> kubectl apply -f create-service.yaml
> kubectl apply -f create-master-deployment.yaml
> kubectl apply -f create-sentinel-deployment.yaml
> kubectl apply -f create-slave-deployment.yaml
> kubectl delete pod redis-ha-cluster-master-d1-f7cd4cc58-8md4z

Master Slave approach is not always safe.




Senior SDE @Amazon

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Sarwesh Suman

Sarwesh Suman

Senior SDE @Amazon

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